Lorna Maitland and why Russ Meyer lost enthusiam

Barbara Popejoy aka Lorna Maitland (*1943) is one of the most beautiful muses of Russ Meyer’s. She’s got a fashion model figure – with “torpedo”-boobs.

(Source: YouTube)

She appeared in Russ Meyer’s films “Lorna” (1964), “Mudhoney” (1965) and “Mondo Topless” (1966). In hinsight the meastro kind of lost enthusiasm for her assets.

From a boobastic point of view that’s explainable. When Ms. Maitland initially starred in “Lorna” she was three month pregnant. This augmented her already very large breasts and gave ’em that epic “tropedo”-shaped look. After pregnancy and in “Mudhoney” her breasts were slightly smaller which Meyer associated with the lower box-office success of her second movie. In fact that’s a well know issue for big boobs models: losing boobfulness after pregnancy/lactation. Milena Velba has been through that, many webcam models (e. g. Bigmegi, Milf Nataly) know that phenomenon and those unique Japanese lactating actresses usually quit modeling after ablactation.

At 15:35 min. you have that beutiful scene with ideal-typical “torpedo” side boobs and at 31:45 min. it’s the famous bathing-beauty-at-the-lake scene in that same epic shape:

(Source: YouTube)

Fun fact: that film “Lorna” (1964) was prosecuted for obscenity in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Florida. Those were the 1960s – Western calender before porn.

And here’s a decent scene in colour with the donkey (no no, not what you are thinking) at the 32:13 min. mark:

(Source: YouTube)

Thank you for turing in to ohmyboobness and feel free come back soon.

Remember the motto of this blog: the perspective shall be a boobastic one!

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