Bonyu-Bonus and two questions

It’s a thing with the Japanese. They did not invent porn on an industrial level (the Danes did). But once they picked it up, they developed it to highest standards and are leading the field. Just as cars, computers, washing machines, trains … .

There is no question about it, that the Japanese in the 21th century hitherto are as a single nation contributing an unequaled large variety of boobfulness has no peer. Gedankenexperiment: what’s gonna happen, when China liberalizes its policies on porn?

Last but not least there are two questions awaiting at the bottom of this page.

Caution: Clicking the video thumbnails below leads you to (non-affiliated third party)!

Here’s longer version of the video from the end of that page:

Here’s more of beautiful Kanae (she’s #09 on that page):

now, that video is gone …

that’s a pity 😕

Misora Amano is a fun person (we know her from this article):

The other Kaori (she’s #01 on that page):

Gals among themselves (dunno names):

Here’s an article about a “Bonyu Bar” (Mother’s Milk Bar) in Tokyo’s entertainment district, where customers can order fresh milk from the lactating bartenders. In Osaka there are similar proposals. 🇯🇵Japan, du hast es besser❗️

And now the announced questions:

Who is the masked performer on the far right? I have a guess 😉

Who is this beautiful Japanese mature women? From which movie?

Thank you for turing in to ohmyboobness and feel free come back soon.

Remember the motto of this blog: the perspective shall be a boobastic one!

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