Bigmegi – evolving boobfulness from Czech Republic

What we’ve stated the other day related to British Linda is held true for Czech Bigmegi (*1976) too: from a boobastic point of view attraction is increasing with the years. She used to work under the alias Rosi and is now camming as Sweetboobs85h – that stage name gives you an idea, what we are dealing with here 😉

Megi is located in the north-western part of 🇨🇿 Czech Republic and is doing telework as a webcam model for more than five years now. Her boobs are literally twice as big now, compared with the earliest shootings we know.

Obviously she’s a gem in the areolas niche. She’s totally down to earth and all natural. It won’t get more “homemade” and authentic in style and we like that.

Between the early shootings and the later and current ones, in 2011 she was pregnant. Due to that her boobfulness gained a lot of complexity (areolas, veins, stretchmarks).

Caution: Clicking the video thumbnails below leads you to (non-affiliated third party)!

Guess what! She’s still out there camming as Sweetboobs85h and as Bigmegi and you can pay her some attention, if you want to 👍

Thank you for turing in to ohmyboobness and feel free come back soon.

Remember the motto of this blog: the perspective shall be a boobastic one!

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