Susie Sparks – genuine areolas boobfulness USA

Exploring the functional system of boobage, there is no way to overlook Susie Sparks (*1961) and of course she’s prominently mentioned here in another article about the areolas phenomenon already.

I’ve deeply studied boobology but yet I still don’t know what it is exactly with wide areolas. It’s a thing. Biologically the nipple is indispensable, not the areolas. Anyway it’s the areolas that catches most attention from a boobastic point of view.

Mrs. Sparks modeled from late 1980s to mid 1990s and left behind a lasting impression in the industry. There are only view around in the same street as Susie Sparks. We’ve suggested Kaori from Japan as the heiress to her throne.

There is no hardcore footage known. Just some funny smothering with an errected guy – I mean c’mon, it’s not his fault 😉🤥

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Remember the motto of this blog: the perspective shall be a boobastic one!

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