Just some classic boobfulness from the movies 📽

Most of these ladies you already know in one way or another from this blog.

Caution: Clicking the video thumbnails below leads you to xhamster.com (non-affiliated third party)! Explicit content!! Mind the time stamps, so you don’t get the wrong footage!!!

Remember the the (in)famous “Weiss Productions” from Copenhagen, Denmark? -Now, here’s a loop with Jamaican Diane. She used to work frequently for the Color Climax Corporation. It’s from 01:17:56 in that video:

Here’s another one. I think it’s from a Color Climax loop. But I’m not sure. It’s right there form the beginning:

Had Pia, another Color Climax model, on my mind recently. So, here’s one loop, we have not seen here before. It’s from 22:40 in that video:

Mary, she’s also known from the “Titanic Tits” videos. Here’s another loop:

The next short sequence is from an adaption of politics into porn. Two amazing boobful actresses. You see them for just a few moment from 41:30 in that movie:

The one and only Roberta on her swing 😍 From 41:22 in that video:

Just found a better quality clip of Candy coming home from shopping:

Here’s one of a next door kind of boobful person that’s familiar from some loops from the early 1970s. Dunno her name, but she’s in a good shape. It’s right there in this vid, from the beginning:

Okay, if don’t know who that next epic manifestation of boobfulness is, you’ve just failed class 🤓

Thank you for turning in to ohmyboobness and feel free come back soon.

Remember the motto of this blog: the perspective shall be a boobastic one!


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