📰 #0073 A retro saggy theme ㊙️

It’s a question of uniqueness: saggy boobs. You can enhance your boobfulness to the ma❎ in a manipulative way. What you cannot do, is making them look saggy by augmentation mammoplasty.

Saggy boobies, ye ladies of boobfulness, is just the natural way. Wear ’em with pride. When you are – let’s say – fourty years of age and your boobs aren’t saggy, you supposedly have no boobs at all.

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📰 #0071 What does “short and stacked” really mean ⁉️

“Short and stacked” is one of the most phantasmagoric technical terms in boobology. In fact, Virginia Bell is the ideal type (extensional) in this area of research.

Then again you have to go to a party ‘cauZ of social obligations and all of a sudden it is there right before your eyes 😳 something phantasmagorical (you will have to watch this 👇👆 in motion).

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