📰 #0071 What does “short and stacked” really mean ⁉️

“Short and stacked” is one of the most phantasmagoric technical terms in boobology. In fact, Virginia Bell is the ideal type (extensional) in this area of research.

Then again you have to go to a party ‘cauZ of social obligations and all of a sudden it is there right before your eyes 😳 something phantasmagorical (you will have to watch this 👇👆 in motion).

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📰 #0045 Now they are on the table 🛎

Yes they are❗️ Not being a native 🇬🇧 English speaker the best way of learning and remembering the meaning of phrases is to visually link them.

(Source: YouTube)

Hard to ever forget this one, isn’t it⁉️ And btw. I like the seriousness she’s displaying (somebody tell that guy in the back that there is nothing to laugh about❗️) and her all natural next door attitude.