More latest Mal – and how it all got started

Ahh, I’m not sure if my memory serves me well, about how it all got started. Must have been nearly a decade ago, when she appeared on YouTube. Originally the aim was to lose weight.

(Sources: YouTube)

Soon it turned out, things are working the other way round: the more her measurements rose, the more followers and admirers she got. Not the weight-loss theme sold best – it was the weight-gain thing and it is to date.

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Have you seen latest Mal?

Remember that movie “Reign over me”❔With Adam Sandler looking like Bob Dylan and Don Cheadle playing the hell of a plot. There’s one scene, where Charlie is talking about “The Mel” and he means Mel Brooks (films). No, that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about “The Mal” and I mean Mal Malloy.

That vid you’ve just watched a minute ago 👆 has seven and a half million views on YouTube alone and that is something❗️

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