📰 #0057 Those encounters that hit you like a freight train 🚆

All ye breastmen have experienced one or another of those encounters. Purely accidental, when you’re out shopping 🍏 🍎 🍐 🍊 🍋 🍌, waiting for the tube 🚇 or driving around with your car 🚗.

Blim-blam! If you’re a true breastman, you will follow your goals. And if you get in touch, you will ask yourself later, why you did that in the first place … but that’s another story.

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📰 #0040 It’s a thing with those singers 🎤

To me it’s a completely new approach to music. Not listening 👂 (you don’t even have to like the music). But beholding 👀 in the first place. We’ve had that one time and another here before.

I am personally acquainted with a choral singer. And the only reason I go to those concerts from time to time is certainly not the music. I’m not even into church music. No, it’s her amazing boobfulness 😉

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