More latest Mal – and how it all got started

Ahh, I’m not sure if my memory serves me well, about how it all got started. Must have been nearly a decade ago, when she appeared on YouTube. Originally the aim was to lose weight.

(Sources: YouTube)

Soon it turned out, things are working the other way round: the more her measurements rose, the more followers and admirers she got. Not the weight-loss theme sold best – it was the weight-gain thing and it is to date.

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⚽️ Monique East – the “Susie Sparks” of Hungary 🇭🇺

Susie Sparks‘ career was short and the fallout was gigantic! When she retired in mid 1990s, she left a void in the industry. Plate sized areolas weren’t that easy to find! Luckily the fall of the Iron Curtain freed those endless ressources of boobfulness from Eastern Europe.

Monique East from Hungary was amongst them. She worked from the early 1990s for roughly a decade in the industry and her body of work is quite remarkable❗️

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