📰 #0048 Is Pandora Peaks the main attraction in “Pandora Peaks” 🤔

One thing I have learned as a boobsman about movies: the best boobs are usually not the leading part. Often they are credited as an also-ran and you always have to dig deeper ⛏

Not, that Pandora Peaks isn’t amazing. With her super body shape she’s seems kind of an early cross-fitter to me. From a boobastic point of view it’s a differnt thing.

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📰 #0045 Now they are on the table 🛎

Yes they are❗️ Not being a native 🇬🇧 English speaker the best way of learning and remembering the meaning of phrases is to visually link them.

(Source: YouTube)

Hard to ever forget this one, isn’t it⁉️ And btw. I like the seriousness she’s displaying (somebody tell that guy in the back that there is nothing to laugh about❗️) and her all natural next door attitude.

📰 #0040 It’s a thing with those singers 🎤

To me it’s a completely new approach to music. Not listening 👂 (you don’t even have to like the music). But beholding 👀 in the first place. We’ve had that one time and another here before.

I am personally acquainted with a choral singer. And the only reason I go to those concerts from time to time is certainly not the music. I’m not even into church music. No, it’s her amazing boobfulness 😉

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📰 #0036 Milena Velba’s and Scarlett Johansson’s nose 👃

Happened to watch that movie “Lucy” (2014) yesterday again, with Scarlett Johansson playing the leading part. It was then I realized, that Scarlett Johansson and Milena Velba are sharing a pretty similar kind of nose shape.

You have to acknowledge that – for a boobsman – it is quite an achievement to come to have an eye and compare other features than, you know, bewbs 🤓

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