📰 #0048 Is Pandora Peaks the main attraction in “Pandora Peaks” 🤔

One thing I have learned as a boobsman about movies: the best boobs are usually not the leading part. Often they are credited as an also-ran and you always have to dig deeper ⛏

Not, that Pandora Peaks isn’t amazing. With her super body shape she’s seems kind of an early cross-fitter to me. From a boobastic point of view it’s a differnt thing.

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Candy Samples – a boobastic body of work

There is no other big boobs model in the industry I know with a body of work as multitudinous as Candy Samples (*1928). Her thread in the Vintage Erotica Forum is no less than 150 sites long. She played on every side: exotic dancing, nude photography and videography, pornography and occasional appearances in b-movies like “Flesh Gordon” (1974).

Her boobastic body (of work) – ambiguity intended – to me is the emdodiment of what German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche called “The Übermensch” transformend into the functional system of boobage.

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