Free association with boobfulness

Cybersex sunday. Some time ago I did an arcticle about the confusing quantit(t)ies of boobfulness and cybersex in general. I consider that one as important and recommend it highly. It’s there in English and German language.

(Source: YouTube)

“Something is happening here and you don’t know what it is.”

Well, how to bring structure in the eternal recurrence of the same? -The idea is: with free association. Plenty of boobs and no names and whereabouts. Two or three words that come to mind to characterize what you see.

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Jill Morena – short and stacked boobfulness from Germany

Jill Morena (*1970) is one of my all time favs. I like her professional attitude and I remember an interview with her from back in the days (1990s) about modeling, where she said something like porn is socially beneficial, because it helps the shyer characters to participate in the world of erotic.

That’s by and large a reasonable point of view and there is no question about it, that the erotic industry has a significant social function aaand is affecting our very behavioral patterns in terms of sexuality.

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Cybersex – confusing quantit(t)ies of boobfulness

Deutsche Übersetzung weiter unten im Text!

Home computing and internet for everybody is changing human sexuality. Looking for and dating an occasional sex partner, rituals of copulation, sexual reproduction, bearing of progeny, caring of progeny is a culturally overcome atavistic pattern of sociability. You can choose your partners and pals for many reasons apart from sexual attraction.

Whatever the msm, the church and politics may tell you: economically and sexually there is no reason in the developed world for biological reproduction no more. There is no reason for classical real-time and real life sexual interaction at all. The first time in human history relationships (e. g. between men and women et al.) have not to be led by ordinary interests.

In case you’re just producing and/or consuming cybersex without understanding that it is essentially changing yourself (and mankind), this is the perfect time to take one step back and think about it.

Okay, weil mir das wichtig ist, hier gleich noch’mal auf Deutsch: Heimcomputer und Internet fĂŒr jederman verĂ€ndern die menschliche SexualitĂ€t. Einen Sexpartner suchen und ein Date haben, Rituale der Begattung, sexuelle Reproduktion, den Nachwuchs auszutragen und dafĂŒr zu sorgen sind kulturell ĂŒberkommene, atavistische Muster von Sozialverhalten. Man kann seine Partner und Freunde nach den verschiedensten Kriterien auswĂ€hlen, ganz unabhĂ€ngig von der SexualitĂ€t.

Was die msm, die Kirche und die Politik euch auch immer erzĂ€hlen: ökonomisch und sexuell gibt es in der entwickelten Welt keinen Grund mehr fĂŒr biologische Reproduktion. Es gibt ĂŒberhaupt gar keinen Grund mehr fĂŒr klassische sexuelle Interaktionen in Echtzeit und in der RealitĂ€t. Das erste Mal in der Menschengeschichte können Beziehungen (z. B. zwischen Mann und Frau u. a.) interesselos sein.

FĂŒr den Fall, dass du bloß Cybersex produzierst und/oder konsumierst, ohne dir darĂŒber im Klaren zu sein, dass dies dich selbst (und die Menschheit) wesenmĂ€ĂŸig verĂ€nderst, ist dies der perfekte Moment, einmal einen Schritt zurĂŒck zu treten und darĂŒber nach zu denken.

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