British Linda – titanic developing boobfulness

Now, here’s good news for the owners of big boobs and their admirers: from a boobastic point of view attraction is increasing with the years. Size and structure are gaining complexity and surrendering to gravity is beautiful.

British Linda aka Mary Edwards aka Busty Bianca, featuring in notorious “Titanic Tits”-Videos No. 01 and No. 06 from Danish Weiss Publications, shows us how things are getting better when bigger.

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Bonyu-Bonus and two questions

It’s a thing with the Japanese. They did not invent porn on an industrial level (the Danes did). But once they picked it up, they developed it to highest standards and are leading the field. Just as cars, computers, washing machines, trains … .

There is no question about it, that the Japanese in the 21th century hitherto are as a single nation contributing an unequaled large variety of boobfulness has no peer. Gedankenexperiment: what’s gonna happen, when China liberalizes its policies on porn?

Last but not least there are two questions awaiting at the bottom of this page.

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Fun fact about Pia

Danish Pia was introduced here recently in our blog about retro big boobs models of the Color Climax Corporation (CCC). Pia is kind of a role model for a well equipped mature woman. And yes, back in the days pubic hair was the standard. In some parts of the world (i. e. Japan) it still is.

Today, on the North American market, Pia would be promoted as “milf” (even though I don’t know if she actually is a mother). She was on of the most productive models of the CCC. I count 13 loops featuring Pia.

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The miraculous Danish Boobfulness of an era

Erotic photography and videography. Legally distributed on an industrial scale. That is a relatively young cultural phenomenon. We’re talking about the late 1960s/early 1970s in Denmark, Europe. The renowned Color Climax Corporation (CCC).

Reminiscences of names like Tina og Suzanne (above), Lisbeth, Jamaican Diane, Mona, Pia, Cindy, … Birgit. No surnames. And even more nameless ones. All united in boobfulness.

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