#0089 Happy new year 🎉 with boobfulness 🍈 🍈

Let slide this project recently. Had been busy with other issues. Now we’re back for a boobful year 2019!

Already cleaned it up and deleted dead links. Weren’t too many and most of it is still there for your studies. In fact this is already a vade-mecum with a lot of insight in the industry, its niches and protagonists and many cross references. At this place you cannot just sit and behold boobs (in fact, you can, of course). Our Call is, to make you understand boobfulness.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you are going to see here soon more frequently than last year.

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The endless ressources of boobfulness in the Slavic cultural area

From a boobastic point of view, the 1980s were quite lame. In the USA silicone was all over the place. Huuge but not real. The era of the pin-up models and exotic dancers, that made America gr8, was gone won’t come back. The breathless, consuming and not sustainable 1970s collapsed when in 1981 AIDS was first clinically observed in the United States. The Japanese market was relatively closed back then.

If there was no other reason for the fall of the iron curtain, the unleashing of endless ressources of boobfullness in the Slavic cultural area was reason enough. In former socialist countries porn was prohibited. The people used to be sexually relatively active (some say, because they’ve had nothing else to do in a controlled economy). When the iron curtain fell, there were no producers and no marketing channels in the Eastern Bloc. Dutch and Japanese pornographers invaded the scenery.

Communist countries and Soviet Republics in Europe with their representative flags (1950’s). This is a file from the Wikimedia Commons.

Economically those countries of the Soviet Union and its satellite countries were failed states. Former camerapersons for state-run television, former staff of prestigious theaters, former secretaries, former nurses and former salesgirls lost their jobs and needed money. The churches were formally disempowered and sexual morals relatively free. That’s why you have permisse productions on a high-quality level from the early 1990s. It was an atmosphere of departure in society and a gold-rush mood in the industry.

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