📰 #0027 Bizeps and boobs – A classic from Germany ðŸ‡©ðŸ‡ª

She’s originally from East Germany and her surname means “belly”, which is not the only part of her body, that’s in a good shape.

(Sources: YouTube)

Late 1980s to mid 1990s she did a couple of successful competitions. In reference to the lightweight US military tactical truck, they called her “Germany’s Mighty Mite – 44 Magnum Muscle”.

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Peggy Bosom – when Germany was still divided and unique

Before the fall of the Iron Curtain porn was officially allowed in West Germany. In European communist/socialist countries – including East Germany – it was prohibited. Some of the most homey, unique, sometimes weird, productions are from the 1980s. Those were different times in another century.

A one shot wonder from that era is credited as “Peggy Bosom” in the film “Devote Society”, located in a soft bizarre niche and presumably semi-professionally shot in the basement in one of these estabishments. Haha, those dialogs underlayed with classical music are priceless 😂👍

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Jill Morena – short and stacked boobfulness from Germany

Jill Morena (*1970) is one of my all time favs. I like her professional attitude and I remember an interview with her from back in the days (1990s) about modeling, where she said something like porn is socially beneficial, because it helps the shyer characters to participate in the world of erotic.

That’s by and large a reasonable point of view and there is no question about it, that the erotic industry has a significant social function aaand is affecting our very behavioral patterns in terms of sexuality.

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