Peggy Bosom – when Germany was still divided and unique

Before the fall of the Iron Curtain porn was officially allowed in West Germany. In European communist/socialist countries – including East Germany – it was prohibited. Some of the most homey, unique, sometimes weird, productions are from the 1980s. Those were different times in another century.

A one shot wonder from that era is credited as “Peggy Bosom” in the film “Devote Society”, located in a soft bizarre niche and presumably semi-professionally shot in the basement in one of these estabishments. Haha, those dialogs underlayed with classical music are priceless ūüėāūüĎć

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Jill Morena – short and stacked boobfulness from Germany

Jill Morena (*1970) is one of my all time favs. I like her professional attitude and I remember an interview with her from back in the days (1990s) about modeling, where she said something like porn is socially beneficial, because it helps the shyer characters to participate in the world of erotic.

That’s by and large a reasonable point of view and there is no question about it, that the erotic industry has a significant social function aaand is affecting our very behavioral patterns in terms of sexuality.

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Friend the unfriended: Bj√∂rn H√∂cke

German politician Björn Höcke (AfD) is lately being under attack because of social and historical remarks he has made.

To understand German msm and politics the concept of “guilt” is a central part for a social-psychological approach.

This is a plea to overcome the highly restrictive code of German political correctness und open the public dialogue on behalf of an open society.

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Friend the unfriended: Dr. Ludwig Flocken

In Germany talking about facts these days is – again – reason enough for an elected member of parliament to be kicked out of a state parliament by the speaker of house (a social democrat).

Watch in this video what happend to independet member of the state parliament of Hamburg, Dr. Ludwig Flocken, after debunking German chancellor Merkel, the Green party and other members of parliament in a speech.

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What you can (not) expect

In addition to the remarks from the about page here’s what we are intending to do.

This blog is bilingual. In parts German, in parts English. The German culture is dying before our very eyes. Economically there is still potential und Germany remains geographically in the centre of Europe. Neverless culturally it’s going down the drain, betrayed by it’s own functional elites for many decades. We cannot rely on it as a sovereign state anymore. We need to have a second string on our bow.

Upcoming topics to be processed on this blog:

Federal election in Germany this fall+++political system corrupted+++pointless to vote+++last exit for Germany as a sovereign state is a new constitution freely adopted by the German people (there is none yet)+++Article 146 of the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany

Okzidentaler Individualismus vs. internationalistischer Nihilismus+++unversalhistorische Inkommensurabilit√§t der protestantischen Kultur+++Herausforderungen der westlichen Moderne und Postmoderne+++ideengeschichtliche Verortung des Menschen nach dem “Ende der Geschichte” …

Important people in the world of today/Ma√ügebliche Menschen der Gegenwart, e. g.: Oliver Stone (USA), Eugen Drewermann (DE), Milena Velba (CZ), Norman Finkelstein (USA), Nigel Farage (UK), Abbi Secraa (PL), …

Important people of the past/Ma√ügebliche Menschen der Vergangenheit, e. g.: Max Weber (DE), Virginia Bell (USA), Ernst Troeltsch (DE), Wilhelm Reich (AT), Roberta Pedon (USA), Niklas Luhmann (DE), …

Demographischer Wandel+++Entkopplung der Systeme der sozialen Sicherung von der Lohnarbeit+++Robotik+++schrumpfende Gesellschaften+++Verzicht der biologischen Reproduktion +++Autoerotik+++Cybersex+++Produktivit√§tssteigerung …

Friend the Unfriended/Solidarit√§t mit den Versto√üenen – or/oder: how to fight social exclusion caused by unpopular statements?/wie gegen soziale Exklusion wegen der √Ąu√üerung mi√üliebiger Meinungen angehen?

And even more to come …