Jill Morena – short and stacked boobfulness from Germany

Jill Morena (*1970) is one of my all time favs. I like her professional attitude and I remember an interview with her from back in the days (1990s) about modeling, where she said something like porn is socially beneficial, because it helps the shyer characters to participate in the world of erotic.

That’s by and large a reasonable point of view and there is no question about it, that the erotic industry has a significant social function aaand is affecting our very behavioral patterns in terms of sexuality.

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Sophie Musard – boobfulness on a small frame

They come in different shapes and colours: boobs. Sometimes you have an all over large female and are suprised that she’s having virtually no boobs at all. And sometimes you are even more surprised with a skinny female and a lot of boobage. Sophie Musard falls into the latter category.

In fact Sophie Musard started her modelling career by the name of Irmgard Jung in the mid-1980s. She’s actually German, from Hamburg. Probably someone figured out, that a french stage name is selling better.

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Friend the unfriended: Dr. Ludwig Flocken

In Germany talking about facts these days is – again – reason enough for an elected member of parliament to be kicked out of a state parliament by the speaker of house (a social democrat).

Watch in this video what happend to independet member of the state parliament of Hamburg, Dr. Ludwig Flocken, after debunking German chancellor Merkel, the Green party and other members of parliament in a speech.

boobart for ohmyboobness