The mystery about Himiwako’s areolas 👇

Last time, we did an article about Himiwako there used to be some scientists out there still claiming, those are not real!

“Now, that video is gone and that’s a great pity”

says boobart

After another video leaked (source: – non-affiliated third party), nobody says that her boobfulness is not real, any more. Now, those scientist claim, that she ain’t got no areolas.

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The enigmatic boobfulness of enigmatic Himiwako

Every now and then occurs a phenomenon in the functional system of boobage that leaves you confused, astonished and baffled at the same time.

I remember, back in the days, now Abbi Secraa (then Nelli Roono) in her first (non nude) shootings at (must have been late 2008). It was amazing! Then again I thought: “can’t be true, not real!”. Shortly after she took those garments off and – ohmyboobness! – she was real: one-hundred percent! And she is still to date.

Some two years ago African-Dutch resident Himiwako put the boobs community in a flurry. The narrative is, that within a few years (since 2012) her breast size developed from a decent D-Cup to proportions, no woman has (naturally) gone before. She’s having a YouTube Channel, where she’s doing a lot of gaming with a low neck (in fact I am n o t watching the g a m e s). And there are some camshows flooding around the internet (no, that’s not from my channel and no, it’s technically  n o t  “porn”, like written in that title) …

“Now, that video is gone and that’s a great pity”

says boobart

I’ve never seen a complete topless shot. And from what I’ve seen I cannot tell, if those are legit. What I can say is, that the lady knows pretty well how the functional system of boobage is working. She understands the code (boobs/non-boobs) and knows pretty well, that fantasy does most of the work for you, if you put it right.

The adoring crowds may crave for more explicit content. Yet Himiwako is wise not to accomplish their desires. Why? -‘CauZ she’s investing long-term 😉

Thank you for turing in to ohmyboobness and feel free come back soon.

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