Bonyu-Bonus and two questions

It’s a thing with the Japanese. They did not invent porn on an industrial level (the Danes did). But once they picked it up, they developed it to highest standards and are leading the field. Just as cars, computers, washing machines, trains … .

There is no question about it, that the Japanese in the 21th century hitherto are as a single nation contributing an unequaled large variety of boobfulness has no peer. Gedankenexperiment: what’s gonna happen, when China liberalizes its policies on porn?

Last but not least there are two questions awaiting at the bottom of this page.

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Tsukasa Maehara – unique asymmetrical lactating boobfulness

Tsukasa Maehara (*1986) is one of those amazing lactating actresses from Japan. She started modelling shortly after her pregnancy in 2007 and stopped after ablactation.

Besides her cheerfulness and sense of humor she’s known for another unique feature: because she gave the baby predominantly her left breast, it used to be about two cups bigger than the other one.

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The puffies phenomenon

We’ve already explored the wide areolas phenomenon. Today it’s about puffies, often referred to as “puffy nips”. In the German language there is no adequate term for that (like there is e. g. no expression for “midlife crisis”). While wide areolas usually come with big, large or huge boobs, with puffies there are anatomical respective physical restrictions in terms of breast size.

The puffies phenomenon develops its most phenomenal shape during and after pregnancy and is the natural equivalent to the so called oral stage of the enfant or oral fixation in later stages of life. Freud hΓ€tte seine Freude gehabt (that pun is only working in German). A few anatomically and significantly blessed actresses in the industy then and now we are about to see in this article.

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Kaori – the most amazing boobfullness of the millenium (hitherto)

In the old century (the 20th) the Japanese erotic market was relatively closed. That was in parts because of the language barrier. The other thing is, that the pixelization (in Japan it is prohibited by law to show human genitalia in porn) irritates Western consumers. Things changed with the internet: (i.) accessibility of Japanese productions became easier and (ii.) a true boobsman is focused on those things and not on (pixelized) genitalia.

Since then we have manifestations of boobfulness in Japan that have names: Hitomi Tanaka, Fuko (P-Chan), Kanae, An Katajima, Mirumiru Kurumi, Ria Sakuragi and many others. About the world’s leading productions in the laction niche we’ve done a blog here recently. And Japan’s one and only Yumiko Matsui inspired us to another voluptuous contemplation.

And then came Kaori, oh, Kaori, Kaori! Kaori for Star! (You know where that quote is from? -Tell us!)

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Please, watch this

Like I’ve said here before, I’m regarding US-american film director and writer Oliver Stone (*1946) as one of the important people of today. Not long ago I did a blog about his criticism of US-American Benevolence/Exzeptionalism.

Now there’s a new interview up, he’s granting Japanese NHK World News. It’s a well done journalistic piece of work, that gives you in about 10 Minutes a rough idea of his life, work and thinking.

“Now, that video is gone and that’s a great pity”

says boobart

What Mr. Stone says at the 10-minute-mark depicts his humble approach of englightenment to me:

“We operate in ignorance. It’s our job as human beings to become more conscious. To try to find out.”

Oliver Stone

We don’t read (books) no more. That’s the Zeitgeist. There are other ways to improve your knowledge and all I can say is, that I’ve learned some stuff, watching his films:

  • Platoon (1986)
  • Wall Street (1987)
  • Born on the Fourth of July (1989)
  • Natural Born Killers (1994)
  • Nixon (1995)
  • Wall Street: Money never sleeps (2010)
  • The Untold History of the United States (2012)

What he’s writing down on that board at the end of the interview – don’t you forget it!

boobart for ohmyboobness