Roberta Pedon – the one two boobs of the 1970s

Thinking of the 1970s from different functional perspectives different important people come to mind. Political system: Richard Nixon; Economy: John Connally; Science: Konrad Lorenz; Art: Bob Dylan … and when it comes to the functional system of boobage: Roberta Pedon (1954-1982)* of course.

They say she’s of Latvian origin, which at least makes sense to me, knowing they grow some healthy boobage alongside the Baltic Sea. In this short sequence from “Delinquent School Girls” (1975) she’s practising what could pass for a Latvian accent on the essential information (natural 40 D-Cup?):

(Source: YouTube)

Next sequence she’s entering the swimming hall in all her glory (you just can’t miss her):

(Source: YouTube)

Last scene from that same movie she’s doing some jumping jacks for good health:

(Source: YouTube)

That’s the only “B movie” she’s know to participate in as an actor. And like I always say, no plot is better than a bad plot, I believe her works as a model are even more meritorious.

Quod est demonstrandum …

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