🇷🇺 The perkiest puffiest perky puffies of an era 👏🏻

We’ve mentioned her once, talking about “The puffies phenomenon“. Before Emma Sinclair was all over the place – in fact, around the time, she was born – there was Lena K. from Russia champion of all categories 🥇 🥈 🥉 🏆

In the early 1990s she gained cult status with a model-figure you will barely find some place else outside the endless ressources of boobfulness from the Slavic cultural area.

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The puffies phenomenon

We’ve already explored the wide areolas phenomenon. Today it’s about puffies, often referred to as “puffy nips”. In the German language there is no adequate term for that (like there is e. g. no expression for “midlife crisis”). While wide areolas usually come with big, large or huge boobs, with puffies there are anatomical respective physical restrictions in terms of breast size.

The puffies phenomenon develops its most phenomenal shape during and after pregnancy and is the natural equivalent to the so called oral stage of the enfant or oral fixation in later stages of life. Freud hätte seine Freude gehabt (that pun is only working in German). A few anatomically and significantly blessed actresses in the industy then and now we are about to see in this article.

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