📰 #0036 Milena Velba’s and Scarlett Johansson’s nose 👃

Happened to watch that movie “Lucy” (2014) yesterday again, with Scarlett Johansson playing the leading part. It was then I realized, that Scarlett Johansson and Milena Velba are sharing a pretty similar kind of nose shape.

You have to acknowledge that – for a boobsman – it is quite an achievement to come to have an eye and compare other features than, you know, bewbs 🤓

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🇷🇺 The perkiest puffiest perky puffies of an era 👏🏻

We’ve mentioned her once, talking about “The puffies phenomenon“. Before Emma Sinclair was all over the place – in fact, around the time, she was born – there was Lena K. from Russia champion of all categories 🥇 🥈 🥉 🏆

In the early 1990s she gained cult status with a model-figure you will barely find some place else outside the endless ressources of boobfulness from the Slavic cultural area.

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Tsukasa Maehara – unique asymmetrical lactating boobfulness

Tsukasa Maehara (*1986) is one of those amazing lactating actresses from Japan. She started modelling shortly after her pregnancy in 2007 and stopped after ablactation.

Besides her cheerfulness and sense of humor she’s known for another unique feature: because she gave the baby predominantly her left breast, it used to be about two cups bigger than the other one.

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Milena Velba – old Europe at its best

Remember my first post about Virginia Bell and when America was great? -Well, Europe was still real, when America already went silicone for decades. And the opening of the iron curtain was more than a wonderful piece of luck from a boobastic point of view. There’s no other person embodying this zeitgeist better, purer and more quintessential than Milena Velba (*1970) from the Czech Republic.


Must have been early/mid 2000s when I first saw her in a video. In fact I have a more intense memory of that occasion than of some encounters in real life. That says something for a strong manifestation of boobfulness in time and space.

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