📰 #0045 Now they are on the table 🛎

Yes they are❗️ Not being a native 🇬🇧 English speaker the best way of learning and remembering the meaning of phrases is to visually link them.

(Source: YouTube)

Hard to ever forget this one, isn’t it⁉️ And btw. I like the seriousness she’s displaying (somebody tell that guy in the back that there is nothing to laugh about❗️) and her all natural next door attitude.

📰 #0020 Pure Woman she is, she says – maybe … 🤔

Stumbled upon her channel. She’s doing her vlogs frequently. At least every week. Being pregnant, lactating, doing exercises – a lot (as you can see!).

now, those videos are all gone …

that’s a pity  😕

I like those veins on her boobs. It’s a thing. There are many vids when she’s lactating. She’s having a natural way doing her stuff and seemingly a lot of energy. Check it out❗️

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