Dan Rather interviewing Dolly Parton

It’s a great conversation. Like always with Dan Rahter. He has the gift to adapt to his interviewees. That’s what makes a good interviewer: to step back and let or help the personality of the interviewee unfold.

And Dolly Parton … ohmyboobness! All the gals with assets – and there are many previously undiscovered around – should apprentice to her and make it success. There’s a lot to learn of how to handle.

(Source: YouTube)

James Vanderbilt’s movie “Truth” (2015) about how Dan Rather and Mary Mapes have been kicked out of CBS News is highly recommended, if you want to understand how big media (msm) functionally operates.

Colin Higgins “The best little whorehouse in Texas” (1982) featuring Dolly Parton is recommended for other reasons. That scene with Burt Reynolds in his pants and Dolly Parton wearing something really nice is so cute …

boobart for ohmyboobness