🔬 Busty Heart: One of a few knowing how boobfulness works ðŸŽ¬

In fact, most of the women with big boobs have no idea, how it works. Even though they are making a few bucks with their assets, they don’t understand the functional system of boobage. Not so with Busty Heart.

(Sources: YouTube)

She knows her stuff. She’s constantly and perfectly capitalizing on her boobfulness and she’s strictly doing no porn (and not even nude engagements).

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Susie Sparks – genuine areolas boobfulness USA

Exploring the functional system of boobage, there is no way to overlook Susie Sparks (*1961) and of course she’s prominently mentioned here in another article about the areolas phenomenon already.

I’ve deeply studied boobology but yet I still don’t know what it is exactly with wide areolas. It’s a thing. Biologically the nipple is indispensable, not the areolas. Anyway it’s the areolas that catches most attention from a boobastic point of view.

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Honey Moons and Tabatha Towers – two of a kind

From a boobastic point of view, you’re not looking someone in the face at the first place. Some people don’t like it. But that’s only because a lack of understanding in the functional system of boobfulness. Once you’ve attained that knowledge you may sighingly utter: well, that’s just the way it is …

That being said, you will understand why Honey Moons (*1974) and Tabatha Towers (*1968) repeatedly have been considered as sisters, even though in fact they aren’t. It’s all a question of focus and perspective and you cannot judge someone by his perspective – all you can do, is judge someone from a perspective within the limits of the specific perspective.

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