The magic of beginning

We’ve compared the early stages of pornography on an industrial level in the Western world of the late 1960s/ early 1970s with the time directly after the fall of the iron curtain in the former Soviet Bloc of the early 1990s. Those days were in more than one way breathless, consuming and not sustainable.

In the West there was a time before that. Distribution of porn on an industrial level was still prohibited. Andy Warhols “Blue Movie” (1969) is considered the first adult movie depicting explicit sex to receive wide theatrical release in the USA. It is often forgotten that the triumph of pornography marked the end of an era: the era of the exotic dancers and topless models of the 1950s and 1960s. That was the Golden Age of photographing and filming boobfulness and like we’ve postulated the other day: from a boobastic point of view porn is non-essential.

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Milena Velba – old Europe at its best

Remember my first post about Virginia Bell and when America was great? -Well, Europe was still real, when America already went silicone for decades. And the opening of the iron curtain was more than a wonderful piece of luck from a boobastic point of view. There’s no other person embodying this zeitgeist better, purer and more quintessential than Milena Velba (*1970) from the Czech Republic.


Must have been early/mid 2000s when I first saw her in a video. In fact I have a more intense memory of that occasion than of some encounters in real life. That says something for a strong manifestation of boobfulness in time and space.

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Virginia Bell – when America was gr8

The American people voted for a President promissing to “make America great again”. I like this guy for not being too obviously owned by Wall Street. I don’t know if he will substitute the ailing American-Russian relations with trouble in China. I love him for not being PC. I have no idea if he is going to solve the problems in Syria to get in trouble with Iran again. Most of all I second his outspoken aversion to Germany’s Chancellor and her politics.

Thinking about America being great from a boobastic point of view Virginia Bell (1932-2010) comes to mind.


Those were the 1950s. The USA were bursting with strengh after winning the great war. In fact the russians did most of the work. But it was the US economy that benefited largely. Boobfulness indicates fertility. Showing your big boobs indicates prosperity. Presenting your wife(‘s big boobs) is just another way of bragging that you’ve made it.

It is not coincidence that it was Bell’s husband who initiated the making of the feature film “Bell, Bare and Beautiful” (1963) to present his trophy wife to a larger audience (than before in his exotic theater). Shortly after her pregnancy Mrs. Bell was from a boobastic point of view even more impressive than ever.

To me the only 5 ft 2 tall Virginia Bell with her 48-inch bust is still the measure of boobfulness. And she was 100% real! Two decades later the plastic surgeons were taking over the place. And nowadays there is no big boobs model no more with real boobs – at least in the USA. Those were coming from Old Europe and then – after the fall of the iron curtain – from the volupteous vast of Eastern Europe.

Those females coming from Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria etc. were willing and able to show what they got. It was for the Western societies undoubtedly an enrichment. In contrast to those covered up figures for religious reasons coming in from Nothern Africa and the Middle East these days. From a boobastic point of view there is a specific difference between these two migration flows. In other words: how to assimilate with a foreign culture when you are not willing to share your very beauties?

To make America great again from a boobastic perspective simply means to make those boobs plenty, bare and real again.

Exemplis discimus …

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What you can (not) expect

In addition to the remarks from the about page here’s what we are intending to do.

This blog is bilingual. In parts German, in parts English. The German culture is dying before our very eyes. Economically there is still potential und Germany remains geographically in the centre of Europe. Neverless culturally it’s going down the drain, betrayed by it’s own functional elites for many decades. We cannot rely on it as a sovereign state anymore. We need to have a second string on our bow.

Upcoming topics to be processed on this blog:

Federal election in Germany this fall+++political system corrupted+++pointless to vote+++last exit for Germany as a sovereign state is a new constitution freely adopted by the German people (there is none yet)+++Article 146 of the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany

Okzidentaler Individualismus vs. internationalistischer Nihilismus+++unversalhistorische Inkommensurabilit├Ąt der protestantischen Kultur+++Herausforderungen der westlichen Moderne und Postmoderne+++ideengeschichtliche Verortung des Menschen nach dem “Ende der Geschichte” …

Important people in the world of today/Ma├čgebliche Menschen der Gegenwart, e. g.: Oliver Stone (USA), Eugen Drewermann (DE), Milena Velba (CZ), Norman Finkelstein (USA), Nigel Farage (UK), Abbi Secraa (PL), …

Important people of the past/Ma├čgebliche Menschen der Vergangenheit, e. g.: Max Weber (DE), Virginia Bell (USA), Ernst Troeltsch (DE), Wilhelm Reich (AT), Roberta Pedon (USA), Niklas Luhmann (DE), …

Demographischer Wandel+++Entkopplung der Systeme der sozialen Sicherung von der Lohnarbeit+++Robotik+++schrumpfende Gesellschaften+++Verzicht der biologischen Reproduktion +++Autoerotik+++Cybersex+++Produktivit├Ątssteigerung …

Friend the Unfriended/Solidarit├Ąt mit den Versto├čenen – or/oder: how to fight social exclusion caused by unpopular statements?/wie gegen soziale Exklusion wegen der ├äu├čerung mi├čliebiger Meinungen angehen?

And even more to come …